Inspiration. Eric Kim

eric-kim-city-of-angels-project Inspiration. Eric Kim
Photo by Eric Kim. City of Angels project.

I would like to say thank you to Eric Kim. His blog, books, videos etc. gives me an inspiration to run my own website. For those of you who are interested in street, travel photography, who wants to find information about trends in contemporary photographic art, I highly recommend you to visit Eric’s blog. He also has a Facebook fan page, where he publishes the latest updates.

Inspiration. Eric Kim

2 thoughts on “Inspiration. Eric Kim

  1. Elle Miles says:

    What is your critical review of his photograph Jazz Hands? The photograph you have displayed.

    1. Thank you for your question! Well, I like this picture a lot. Actually, it’s one of a very few pictures of Eric which I really like. It’s a good example of a modern street photo. Nowdays you can open instagram and see thousands of pictures of a walking people in front of a coloroful walls, posters or ads. It’s easy to make this kind of pictures. But Eric always tries to aproach his subjects in a certain way. Its not always ends up as a good photographs, but when it does you can see and feel that this pictures are more powerfull and emotional.

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